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  • Full, criterion-referenced early reading assessment
  • Numerous subtestes, including letter knowledge, rhyme production, and alphabetic principle
  • Can be downloaded free of charge

Analytical Reading Inventory

  • Oral reading accuacy and reading comprehension

Basic Reading Inventory

  • Skills assessed include letter knowledge, phoneme segmentation, and oral reading fluency

Developmental Reading Assessment

  • Criterion-referenced assessment
  • Student scores are translated into reading level, and described in terms of Intervention, Instructional, Independent, and Advanced
  • Subtests cover all areas of phonological awareness


  • Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills
  • Learn about DIBELS
  • Download DIBELS assessments and guides.

Free Reading Assessments

  • A valuable resource of free, downloadable reading assessments

Metropolitan Achievement Tests

  • Tests reading comprehension, semantics, and phonological awareness

Peabody Picture Vocabulary Assessment

  • Complete vocabulary assessment
  • Assessment based on normative scores

Phonemic-Awareness Skills Screening (PASS)

  • Criterion referenced assessment that provides a cut-off score, indicating if a student has developed a skill
  • Assesses phonological awareness skills, such as phoneme segmentation, phoneme isolation, and phoneme deletion

Qualitative Reading Inventory

  • Supports reading comprehension, decoding, and background knowledge

Rubi Star

  • Create custom Rubrics


  • Texas Primary Reading Inventory.