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Vocabulary: Create a Story

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Lesson Type: Build Mastery
Grade: 2, 3
Group Size: Individual, Pair, Small Group
Length: 10 minutes
Goal: Given vocabulary words, students will become more familiar with them by using them in a story of their own creation.

Materials: Paper, pencils

What to Do


Write a list of vocabulary words on the board or on a piece of chart paper.

Assign each student a word from the list.


1. Review the meaning of the vocabulary words on the list.

Today, we will become more familiar with our vocabulary words by using them in a story.

2. Choose a student to help you model the activity. Complete each step together with the class.

We are going to work together to write a story using all of these words. The first person will write a sentence using his or her word.

Let the student write the opening sentence.

Then, it will be the second student’s turn. He/ she will add to the story by writing a sentence using his/her word. We will continue until everyone has written a sentence in the story.


3. Have students create their story together.

Now, it is your turn to create a story. Remember to use your word in your sentence.

4. Walk around to monitor students’ performance. As a wrap-up, you may read the story out loud to the group or to the whole class.


For Advanced Students:

Assign these students two words to use in either one or two sentences.

For Struggling Students:

Have these students tell you the meaning of their word before they write their sentence.

For ELL Students:

ELL students may be able to say a sentence with their assigned word but may need assistance writing it down.

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