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The Word List Generator is a free online tool designed to help educators create practice word lists for students learning to read. For instance, you could quickly create a list of practice words that end in at or a list of CCVC words that are regular.

[edit] How to access the Word List Generator

Go to www.wordlistgenerator.net

[edit] The search fields

Most of the selections are self-explanatory. A few words about the others:

  • Regularity: See Regular and irregular words for more details.
  • CVC form: See CVC notation for more. To select just CVC words, uncheck all the other boxes. Note that this automatically restricts results to Regular words of less than three syllables.
  • Initial Sounds: See Continuous letter sounds and Stop letter sounds for more.
  • You can combine the CVC and Initial Sounds fields to find, for example, CVCC words that begin with continuous sounds such as well and must.
  • amsti number: This special field allows you to restrict results to words that include letters that have been taught by a specific amsti lesson number. The amsti sequence is here. A new letter is introduced every other lesson, so a is introduced in lesson 1 (and so has an amsti number of 1); m is introduced in lesson 3; s is introduced in lesson 5; etc. Specifying an amsti number of 5 means you will get only words that contain letters a, m, and s such as Sam, for example. This is very useful if you have taught some but not all of the letters in FreeReading.
  • Display: You can limit results to a specified number of words.
  • You can combine multiple fields to create complex searches such as CVCC words that begin with continuous sounds for students who are up to amsti lesson 23. Word List Generator instantly returns: from, frog, smog, smug.

[edit] Activities to use with word lists