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Fluency with poetry and prose

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Activity Type: Introduce/Revisit
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: 4-12
Group Size: Whole Group/Small Group
Length: 20 minutes
Materials: Grade-Level Appropriate Prose or Poetry
Goal: Students will learn how to read prose and poetry fluently.
Items: Grade-Level Appropriate Prose or Poetry

What to do

  1. Introduce to students a piece of grade-level prose or poetry. Have students silently read to themselves. Talk with students about the meaning of the poem or prose.
  2. Model for students a fluent reading of the poetry or prose. You may want to do this more than once, drawing their attention to different areas, such as rate and expression.
  3. Discuss with students what you did when you read the poem or prose aloud that made it interesting and helped with comprehending the content. Let students know that reading fluently helps you understand what the poem or prose is about.
  4. Engage students in choral reading.
  5. Have students work with a partner to plan their read-aloud of the poem or prose. Encourage them to practice the rate at which they will read the text and the expression they will use. Students should read-aloud the piece multiple times in preparation.
  6. Finally, students should perform their poem.