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Prefix and Suffix Reintroduce and Build Mastery activities

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Below is a list of all Reintroduce and Build Mastery prefix and suffix activities. Click on a link to begin an activity.

  • Reintroduce - students will add a prefix or suffix to root words to form new words using a graphic organizer.
  • Build Mastery - students will expand their knowledge of prefixes and suffixes by engaging in a variety of activities.

Prefix and Suffix Reintroduce and Build Mastery Activities
Reintroduce Build Mastery
Root Word Connection Boxes Bingo
Cube Build a Word
Funnel Morpheme Match-up
Grocery Bag Create a Story
Hand Detective
Root Word Math Equations Sentence Change
Picture Boxes War
Table Win, Lose, or Draw
Trunk or Tail? Word Round-up
Web Flip Book