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Decodable fiction passages - Bill's Contest

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Bill's Contest

Ding-dong, Bill hit the bell. Ding-dong

Jim, Jill, Ken and Kim all ran to him. Bill grinned. He was in command. He was the boss. He had the last win, now he had the plan.

“This is what you have to do to win my contest,” Bill said. “You must hop to the bus stop.”

“Is that all?” said Jim.

“No,” grinned Bill, “At the bus stop you must collect a card. Ask an adult. Don’t dig in the junk.”

“Is that all,” said Jill.

“No,” Bill said with a wink, “then you must run back here.”

“Is that all?” said Kim.

“No,” said Bill happy with his plan. “When you get back you must sing the silly song.”

“Is that all?” they all said.

“Yes that is all. Go!” said Bill.

It was fun to plan a contest. Bill was the last to win so he got to plan this.

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