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Decodable fiction passages - Bob's Stack

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Bob's Stack

Bob is a slob. He puts stuff on top of stuff, in big, ugly stacks. The stacks get bigger as Bob adds stuff to the top.

Kit cannot stand the stacks. She thinks they will spill. "You can put this stuff in a box," said Kit. "It will be fun if I help you."

Bob did not think boxes were fun. "You are a nag," he said. "These stacks are the best!"

"You will be sorry," said Kit. She left Bob with his stacks.

Bob felt a penny in his pocket. He put that on the stack. It was sagging. Was the penny the problem? Bob got the penny back from the top of the stack. The stack tilted. It fell! A puff of dust drifted up from the stuff that was in the stack.

Kit was back. "We have a big job," said Kit.

Bob was happy for Kit's help. "Did you bring a box?" he said with a grin.

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