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Decodable fiction passages - Poppy's Doll

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Poppy's Doll

Poppy had a doll. She did stuff with the doll, but not Nick. "That doll stinks," said Nick. It did not stink, but Nick was angry. Can Nick get Poppy to do stuff with him?

Nick hid Poppy's doll. He put it in a basket, and put the basket in the attic.

Poppy was playing with a ball and jacks. She did not miss her doll. Poppy went swimming in the pond. She did not miss her doll. Poppy ran on the hill. She did not miss her doll.

Nick put a doll buggy by the hill. "A buggy," said Poppy. "I will get a doll!" But her doll was not there."I miss my doll!" said Poppy. She was upset.

It was funny to Nick. But Poppy was glum and sad. What a pity. Nick got the doll from the attic. "What a nasty trick," said Poppy.

Nick was sorry. "Can we hug?" he said.

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