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Build Mastery: Character Traits

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Lesson Type: Build Mastery
Grade: K, 1, 2, 3
Group Size: Small Group, Large Group, Whole Class
Length: 20 minutes
Goal: Given a Character Traits Web worksheet, students will use their knowledge of character traits to complete the graphic organizer and write descriptive sentences.

Materials: Character Traits Web (print here)

What to Do


Make a copy of the Character Traits Web for each student.


1. Explain the lesson.

Today you will create your own character and draw a picture of it in the middle of the worksheet. Then you will add words that describe the character’s traits in the circles. Remember to use words that describe the way the character thinks, feels, acts, and looks. Finally, you will write sentences using words from each of the circles to describe your character.


2. Students complete the graphic organizer.

3. Have the students share their sentences in small groups.


For Advanced Students:

Encourage these students to add more sophisticated words to their sentences.

For Struggling Students:

These students may need additional help giving specific character traits. Work with them to brainstorm words that describe feelings, thoughts, and acts.

For ELL Students:

Encourage these students to use gestures to explain themselves when they share their work in small groups.

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