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Build Mastery: Friendly Letter/Email

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Lesson Type: Build Mastery
Grade: K, 1, 2, 3
Group Size: Individual, Pair, Small Group
Length: 15 minutes
Goal: Given a Friendly Letter Draft and a Friendly Letter Organizer, students will write friendly letters using their knowledge of the letter format.

Materials: Board or chart paper, Friendly Letter Draft (print here), Friendly Letter Organizer (print here)

What to Do


Display the Friendly Letter Draft sample with mistakes to be revised on the chart paper or board.


1. Explain the lesson.

Today we will apply what we have learned about friendly letters and emails. You will use your worksheet to help you write a friendly letter with five parts.

2. Review the qualities of a friendly letter using the sample letter.

Let’s look at our sample letter. Good writers always look at their work to see if they can make it better. Do we need to make any changes to this letter?

Prompt students to evaluate the punctuation, capitalization, and format of the letter. Are all five parts included and in the right places?


3. Have your students use the Friendly Letter Organizer to help them draft and revise friendly letters.

Now you will draft your own friendly letter. You can use the Friendly Letter Organizer to help you.(See Reintroduce: Friendly Letter/Email)

Make sure to check for punctuation, capitalization, and the five parts of a friendly letter or email.


For Advanced Students:

Ask these students to research the next steps in sending a friendly letter or email (addressing an envelope, using an email program).

For Struggling Students:

These students can make revisions on their graphic organizers or dictate their thoughts to the teacher.

For ELL Students:

Provide these students with a short checklist of punctuation and capitalization rules.

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