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Introduce: Color Poem

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Lesson Type: Introduce
Grade: K, 1, 2, 3
Group Size: Small Group, Large Group, Whole Class
Length: 20 minutes
Goal: Given a poem, students will recognize some of the elements of poetry.

Materials: Board or chart paper, Color Poem Sample (print here). Suggested reading: Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O’Neill, Color Me a Rhyme by Jane Yolen

What to Do


Write a large version of the Color Poem Sample on the board or chart paper.


1. Explain the lesson

Today we will learn about poems. A poem paints a picture or expresses a feeling with words. Some poems rhyme by repeating words or letter sounds. Other poems do not rhyme. Poems express an idea or emotion by using colorful, descriptive words and by comparing things. Some poets use similes to compare things using like or as to help paint a clearer picture in our minds.

2. Read the sample poem to the class and have the students visualize what the words are saying.


3. Discuss the poem.

What do you notice about the words in the poem? Did you notice the words like or as? The poet uses the five senses to describe the color blue. What does the poet compare the color blue to in this poem? Did the poem paint a picture in your mind? What did you see?

Underline or circle the students’ answers on the large version of the Color Poem Sample.

4. Review the lesson.

Remember, poems paint pictures in your mind or express a feeling with words. Also, poets sometimes use similes to compare things in poems using the words like or as. At times, poets use the five senses to paint a clearer picture in the reader’s mind.

5. Encourage students to choose a color and write some things that remind them of the color in a journal or notebook.


For Advanced Students:

Encourage these students to offer similes for other colors.

For Struggling Students:

These students may need additional help with visualizing. In this case, allow them to draw what they think the poem is about.

For ELL Students:

Provide these students with pictures or gestures to explain the five senses.

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