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Introduce: Simple Directions

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Lesson Type: Introduce
Grade: K, 1, 2, 3
Group Size: Small group, large group, whole class
Length: 20 minutes
Goal: Given a situation where directions are needed, students will be able to give clear directions.

Materials: Board or chart paper. Suggested reading: Hokey Pokey: Another Prickly Love Story by Lisa Wheeler

What to Do


Make sure that your students know left from right before attempting this lesson. For older students, you may want to introduce the cardinal directions. List these direction words on the board or chart paper: left, right, straight, and continue.


1. Explain the lesson

Today we will learn how to give clear directions. Have you ever heard someone in your family give directions to your house? What kind of information did they include? Did they mention any important places or landmarks? What do you have to know before you can give good directions?

2. Point to direction words that are posted on the board or chart paper and mention that they help give clear directions.

3. Choose a student to model giving simple directions from one place in the room to another. Use the direction words and landmarks to provide directions. Repeat this with another student.


4. Ask for a volunteer to give the teacher directions.

Now it is your turn to give me directions to a place in the room. Make sure to use the direction words and mention important places or landmarks in the room.

5. Review how to give clear directions.

Today we learned how to give clear directions. We used directions words like left, right, straight, and continue. We also included important places or landmarks in our directions.


For Advanced Students:

Encourage these students to give directions to their houses during the discussion at the beginning of the lesson.

For Struggling Students:

These students may need additional help with directions. They could benefit from physical activities that allow them to point or turn to the left or right.

For ELL Students:

Use hand gestures to explain directions words.

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