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Irregular Word Fluency, Draw Two

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Activity Type: Build Fluency
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K, 1, 2
Group Size: Small Group
Length: 15 minutes
Materials: Irregular word cards, blank index cards
Goal: Given a printed irregular word, the student can say its sound with automaticity (irregword ->"irregword").
Items: All irregular words learned so far.

What to do

  1. Before beginning the game, print Irregular Word Cards and laminate if possible. On the blank index cards write game phrases: on four cards write “Draw 2”; on four cards write “Lose a turn”; and on two cards write “Reverse.”
  2. Mix up the deck of cards and place them face down in the middle of a group of 4-5 students.
  3. Today you are going to play a card game. One person is going to start by picking the top card from the deck. If it has a word on it, you must read the word out loud. If you read the word correctly, you can keep it. What do you think happens if you read the word incorrectly? Good. You must put it at the bottom of the deck.
  4. Then the next person in the circle goes. Keep going around the circle in order.
  5. But watch out! There are some trick cards in the deck! If you pick a card that says “Draw 2” you can pick two cards. You must read them both correctly to keep your cards. If not, they both go to the bottom of the deck.
  6. If you pick a card that says “Lose a turn” your turn is skipped. And if you pick a card that says “Reverse” the game must move in the opposite direction.
  7. Do not put any of the special cards back in the deck after you pick them.
  8. The person with the most word cards when the deck is all gone is the winner!
  9. Does anybody have any questions? Answer any questions and supervise students as they play the game. If a student is struggling, call on him individually in order to ensure he gets practice with the skill.
  10. Observe students. For students who struggle, give them help and make a note in an Activity Log.

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