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Irregular Word Fluency, Word Potato

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Activity Type: Build Fluency
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K, 1, 2
Group Size: Whole Class
Length: 15 minutes
Materials: Irregular word cards, index cards, basket
Goal: Given a printed irregular word, the student can say its sound with automaticity (irregword ->"irregword").
Items: All irregular words learned so far.

What to do

  1. Before beginning the game, print Irregular Word Cards. Glue the words to index cards and laminate if possible. Place all the words in a basket.
  2. Today, we are going to play a game sort of like Hot Potato. Raise your hand if you know how to play Hot Potato. Good.
  3. Have students sit in a circle. This basket is going to be our “hot potato.” If you are the last one to hold the basket, then you must pick a word from the basket and read it out loud. If you get the word correct, you stay in the game. If you read the word incorrectly, you are out!
  4. Observe students. For students who struggle, give them help and make a note in an Activity Log.

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