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Phonological Awareness Activities Tips

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Phonological Awareness Activities

  • Be sure students are ready to proceed. If one or more students are struggling with the early activities (syllables and rhymes), consider spending more time with them on those activities before proceeding. Similarly, if students find the earlier activities too easy, consider progressing to onset-rimes and phonemes.
  • Many of the activities make use of a hand puppet to help maintain student attention and create a sense of fun. Any hand puppet will do.
  • It's easier to see which students are struggling (especially in a large group) if you ask them all to respond simultaneously. One problem with this is that the quicker students drown out the slower. To avoid this, you can ask the question in a particular way: Ssssaaammm. Now you say the word quickly. Ready? (Pause to make sure slower students have had a chance to figure out the answer.) What's the word? This technique takes a little practice.
  • For each activity, keep a record of items a student had problems with. Review this activity log before the next activity so you pay special attention to those students.