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Reintroduce: Book Review

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Lesson Type: Reintroduce
Grade: 1, 2, 3
Group Size:
Length: 20 minutes
Goal: Given a book, students will be able to provide relevant facts and opinions about the book for a book review template.

Materials: Board or chart paper, Fiction Book Review Organizer (print here)

What to Do


Choose a grade-appropriate book and make a large version of the Fiction Book Review Organizer on the board or chart paper.


1. Explain the lesson.

Today we will write a book review as a group. We will use this worksheet to help us plan our review.

2. Review the elements of a book review.

Remember that a book review tries to change the way the reader thinks by getting them to read or avoid a book. Who can remember what information is found in a book review?

Right, a book review should begin with general book information such as the title and author. It should include important elements such as characters, setting, and other interesting details. In addition, a book review should include the reader’s opinion, which should be supported with examples from the book.


3. Read the book.

Let’s read this book entitled ____________________ by __________________. After we read, we will use our worksheets to write a review.

4. Ask the students questions and record their answers on the large version of the Fiction Book Review Organizer.

What is the title of this book? Who is the author? Who are the main characters? What is the setting of the book? What are some interesting details from the story?

Now we need a group opinion of the story. Raise your hand if you enjoyed this story. Raise your hand if you thought it was just okay. Raise your hand if you did not enjoy the story.

Record the number of students for each category above the faces on the organizer. Color in the face with the most votes.

5. Ask students to talk with a partner.

Now we will think about some reasons to support our opinions. Turn and talk with your partner about what made you enjoy or not enjoy the story.

6. Ask students to share some reasons that support the group opinion with the class and record them on the large version of the Fiction Book Review Organizer.


For Advanced Students:

Ask these students to provide supporting details for all three opinions.

For Struggling Students:

These students may have difficulty coming up with reasons to support their opinion of the book. In this case, help them to find details in the story that support their opinions.

For ELL Students:

Before reading the book, explain the meaning of any key vocabulary or concepts. After reading, ask them to tell you what the book is about.

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