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Reintroduce: Character Traits

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Lesson Type: Reintroduce
Grade: K, 1, 2, 3
Group Size:
Length: 20 minutes
Goal: Given a graphic organizer, students will generate character traits for an imaginary character.

Materials: Board or chart paper, Character Map (print here)

What to Do


Make a copy of the Character Map for each student.


1. Review character traits.

Remember, character traits are discovered through a character’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Physical appearance can also be a character trait.

2. Explain the lesson.

Today you will create your own character and draw it in the middle of the Character Map. Then you will add words that explain how your character thinks, feels, acts, and looks.


3. Students complete the graphic organizer.

4. Have students share the character they created and its character traits with a partner. Encourage the students to ask each other questions about their characters to get clearer pictures of what their characters are like.


For Advanced Students:

Encourage these students to use more sophisticated words to describe their character’s traits (e.g. exhausted for tired, cheerful for happy).

For Struggling Students:

These students may need additional help providing descriptive words. Work with them to brainstorm words.

For ELL Students:

Be sure these students understand what thoughts, feelings, and actions are. Use gestures or visuals to clarify as necessary.

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