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Amsti (pronounced "AM-stee") is a sequence for introducing letter sounds to beginning readers that is optimized for ease of learning.

The sequence is:

   a m s t i f r o d u g c b n k v l e h w j p y T M F D I N A R L E H G B x q z Y J Q

(Note that letters whose upper- and lower-case forms are the same--sS, oO, uU, cC, kK, vV, wW, pP, xX, and zZ--are introduced once only.)

The sequence has been constructed according to the following principles:

  • The most useful letters are introduced first--so x, q, and z are towards the end of the sequence. Lower-case letters are introduced before upper-case for the same reason: lower-case letters occur far more frequently.
  • Visually similar letters--m and n; b, d, p, and q; m, n, and h; v and w--are introduced several lessons apart.
  • Aurally similar letters--/f/ and /v/; /b/ and /p/; /i/ and /e/--are introduced several lessons apart.
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