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BL to the ends (blends)

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Activity Type: Build Mastery
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: 1
Group Size: Whole Class
Length: 30 minutes
Materials: Individual student letter cards, lists of words with letter blends, highlighters, something to write with
Goal: Given cards with letter blends, the student reads the blends fluently and can identify blends in words.
Items: Common blends such as bl, dr, cl, fr, and fl.

What to do

  1. Show card with the bl letters.
  2. Show the students the card with bl and ask how they would say the blend. Emphasize that letters in blends do not stand alone. Use questions to get your students thinking about the sounds they make. Would you say buh-luh-anket or blanket?
  3. Show the students the blend fr. Ask them to say the blend sound. Correct and reinforce as necessary. Repeat this step for each of the blend cards.
  4. Distribute the word lists you made and have paired students work to highlight the blends.
  5. Go over the word list as a class. You may wish to ask your students if they can think of other words with the same blends.
  6. Assessment: Students draw pictures to match sound.

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