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Building a sentence

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Activity Type: Introduce
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: 1
Group Size: Small Group
Length: 5 minutes
Materials: Sentence strips, something to write with, scissors, something to write on
Goal: Given a sentence, students will be able to rebuild the sentence using word structure knowledge and phonics clues.
Items: Short a, e, i, o, and u sounds in a sentence

What to do

  1. Select a target vowel sound for the activity. Write a sentence using a word or words that incorporate this sound on a sentence strip.
  2. Show the sentence strip to your students and have them echo read it with you.
  3. Cut the sentence into individual words and mix the words up. Have your students put the words back in the proper order and repeat the corrected sentence.
  4. Flip over each word with the targeted vowel sound and have your students read the sentence without the word or words.
  5. Once your students have identified what is missing, have them sound out and then write the missing word or words.
  6. Turn over the missing word or words and have the students check their answers. If any student appears to be struggling, you may wish to record specific comments in an Activity Log.

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About this activity

This activity was derived from numerous activities that teach word recognition and sound symbol relationships. This activity is used as a "warm-up" during guided reading.

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