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Chopping sounds

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Activity Type: Build Mastery
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: K, 1
Group Size: Individual, Pair, Small Group, Large Group, Whole Class
Materials: Wooden rulers (one for each child), pictures of an ax (one for each child), tape
Goal: Given a word, students will chop out each sound in the word.
Items: Words containing three sounds

What to do

  1. Prepare axes by taping paper ax heads to the rulers. For best results, use a heavy paper or light cardboard.
  2. Model the activity. For every letter sound I hear in the word I'm about to say, I will swing this ax in the air. Cat. C, chop! A, chop! T, chop! C-a-t. Now you try.
  3. Give every child a paper ax and have them chop the sounds in three-letter words. Make sure they chop the air and not each other.
  4. After the students have chopped three times, they should recode the word. For example, they should say cat after chopping out c, a, and t.
  5. Help any students who have trouble chopping sounds out accurately. Note the class's performance in an Activity Log.

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