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Decodable fiction passages

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These passages have been written to a 1st grade level. If they are too easy for your students, try these 2nd grade versions.

Feel free to write these passages on the board, print them, or put them on an overhead projector.



"It's a trap!" Gil said.

He put his hand up to stop Zed. They were on a track that ran across a hill. Gil had spotted flat grass, past the next bend.

"It's just grass," Zed said.

"We can step on it."

But Gil got a rock. He flung it on the grass. The rock fell into a pit. The grass had hidden the pit.

It was a trap!

(Spache: 2.02)

Early Start

Dan was in his tent at camp. He had a sudden cramp in his leg. He sat up to rub it.

The rest of the men in the camp slept. Crickets sang. The wind hit the tent.

Dan was hungry. Dan got up. He drank from his cup. He had eggs and a bit of ham.

The sun crept up. It lit the hills.

Dan was glad.

The rest of the men got up, and the elk hunt was on.

(Spache: 2.50)

Swim Tom, Swim!

Tom sat in his buggy. He sped along next to a pond.

He sang a song his granddad had sung to him. Tom felt happy.

But the wind grew strong.

The wind hit the buggy. The buggy fell into the pond. The buggy sank.

Tom swam to the land.

He sat and felt sad until a funny frog swam by and said, "Man, are you wet."

(Spache: 2.55)

Tim's Pig

Tim kept pigs. He was resting in the grass by a rock.

A man crept up to his pigpen and got in.

Jumping up, Tim ran at him.

The man put one of the runts in a bag and was back on the grass with one big jump. He ran off, and he was fast!

Tim ran to him. He swung a stick to snag the bag.

The man ran off with empty hands.

Tim had the runt back.

(Spache: 2.49)

A Goblin Finds Gus

Gus hid in the grass. He had run from a goblin. To the left of him was a rusted cannon.

Fog hung over the flat lands by the hills.

The goblin had hunted Gus in the hills. He had hunted Gus along the flat lands.

Gus felt a strong tug on his leg.

The goblin was upon him!

It cast a spell. Gus felt the spell hit him.

The cannon was big. The grass was big.

Gus was soft and fluffy.

He was a rabbit!

(Spache: 2.60)

Robin in a Nest

The robin rested in the nest. It put its wings and soft belly upon its eggs.

The robin had put twigs and grass in the nest. They were set in mud. In the nest was a snug spot to be.

The wind hit the top of the elm. But the robin kept resting. The nest was snug.

The sun set. It got dim.

The robin felt an egg jump.

(Spache: 2.59)

Granddad’s Map

Don went up to his granddad's attic. It was full of boxes and bags. He had to bend to get past them.

Then he spotted what he had hunted for. It was a trunk.

Don dusted off the cobwebs. He put the lid up.

In the trunk was a map with a big, red X on it. Don went off to dig at that spot.

He got it!

It was a mug that said, "Best granddad on the planet."

(Spache: 2.50)

Empty Test

Ron sits in class. His pen is in his hand. His test is empty.

The test is on his desk, but there is not yet a spot of ink on it.

Problem one is difficult. The rest are extra difficult.

He senses the clock. The bell will ring. He must not hand in an empty test.

He will flunk.

He is lost.

(Spache: 2.60)

Wagon Hill Well

Tad's mom sent him to Wagon Hill.

There was a well. Tad had to crank a bucket up from the well.

As the bucket got to the top, a cat fell from it. The cat bit Tad's hand.

With a gasp and a yell, Tad twisted his hand. He ran.

The cat fled.

(Spache: 2.58)

Hidden in a Sandbox

Sid dug in his sandbox. He dug until he hit a big box. It was red. There was a lot of rust on it.

He dug until he got it up from the sand. He dusted it off. In the box was a lump with fabric across it.

With a pull, the fabric was off.

The lump was a glass hippo! The hippo had a trumpet in its hand.

Sid put it next to his bed.

(Spache: 2.60)

Danny’s Prank

Danny was at the spring festival. He had a prank to pull.

He had a jug of milk with its cap off. He put the jug on top of the big boxes by the band stand.

Danny put a string on the milk jug. He hid, and held the string.

The band was setting up. Danny's plan was to tip the milk on the band.

But the milk fell on Danny! It got him wet!

(Spache: 2.58)

Fast Bobsled

"Hang on to the rod!" said Bess, as the bobsled sped along the run.

Bess sat at the tip of the sled. Bud sat at the back.

They had to hang on to the rod to sit in the fast bobsled as it sped. They hung on.

The sled sped past a hill. Bud held on well.

He said, "Can we stop this bucket of bolts?"

(Spache: 2.52)

A Rabbit-Truck?

Poppy was a silly man. He ran to Pip's cabin and said with a gasp, "I invented a rabbit-truck!"

Pip sat up in bed. He said, "A what?" Poppy led Pip to his den.

In the back was a big red truck...with legs. The legs were metal. There were springs on the legs.

Poppy got in the truck. He hit the gas. The truck left the den with one big rabbit hop.

(Spache: 2.28)

Angry King

The king was angry. He sat by the map with his cup. He got up. He flung his cup at the map.

"Bring the cannons," he said at last. "I will attack the lands of the enemy."

His men were glum.

"What is the problem?" said the king.

One man bit his lip. The man said, "It will be difficult to attack the enemy. We have just one cannon. It is stuck in the mud."

(Spache: 2.58)

Bedbug Tad

Tad the Bedbug rested. He sat at the end of the bed.

To Tad, the bed was as big as Texas. The blanket was an endless land.

Tad had rested well. Then he was off to get a snack. He had to dig. He was hungry!

He dug past the blanket. He dug until he got to an empty level of the bed. It was full of springs.

He crept along a spring. He spotted a pretzel that was lost in the bed.


(Spache: 2.50)

Magic Poppy

Jed was at the melon stand. The man at the stand handed Jed a nut.

"Plant this nut," he said. "A red poppy will spring up. Then it will ask you to bring it a drink."

Jeb planted the nut in his sandbox. By sunset, a big, red poppy was there.

"Can I get you a drink?" Jeb said.

"Yes," said the poppy. "And put a twist of lemon in it!"

(Spache: 2.59)

Fog Hill Cabin

There was a cabin on Fog Hill. The kids on the bus said it was full of junk.

"That is funny," said Flip.

The kids said it was not funny. A mad man was living in it. He sang songs with the crickets.

Flip went to his mom. She said the kids were messing with him. But he still must not visit the cabin.

"It's just an empty cabin," his mom said. "But I went to it as a kid, and got bit by a bug."

(Spache: 2.54)

A Fast Ball

A ball fell from the back of a truck. With one hop as big as the next, it went from hill to hill. It was fast!

It went past a class as they did jumping jacks.

It went along a pond with a duck swimming in it.

It fell in the mud next to the pond. A hotrod blasted past it.

The wind from the hotrod sent the ball up...and back on the truck it fell from.

(Spache: 2.50)

Planet Odd

"One ticket to Planet Odd," Cliff said.

The man at the desk put the ticket in his hand. Cliff got on a rocket.

He got to Planet Odd, and there was its king: a parrot with a skunk in its pocket.

The king was banging on a box with a banana. "Get that man!" the parrot said, with a nod at Cliff.

"For what?" said Cliff.

The parrot said with a yell, "Umbrella! Umbrella! You have no umbrella!"

(Spache: 2.56)

Tex’s Map

The wagons and pack animals went across the empty land. They sent up dust as they went. Tex led the wagons.

He was a man in a black hat on a strong ox. He had a map. He often got it from his bag as the animals rested. The rest of the men were glad Tex was there.

Tex did not let on that the map was blank.

(Spache: 2.54)

Rotten Egg

We are at the pond. We will swim. Pam sticks her leg in the pond.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" she yells. She jumps in.

But I do not. I am thinking. Can I be a rotten egg? Rotten eggs smell bad.

Pam jumps up. "Get in the pond," she calls. "You can't be an egg. You are a kid!"

(Spache: 1.87)

Pig Lips

Bob had a pig. It was a happy pet. Its lips were extra big.

Bob put lipstick on his pig. Then the pig had big, red lips.

"What a pig!" said Bob. He planted a kiss on the big, red pig lips.

"Did you just kiss that pig?" said Doris.

Bob felt funny.

"Well, I do kiss the pet cat," said Doris.

(Spache: 2.12)

Hank's Land

Hank was living off the land. He had to get stuff for himself.

There was a berry plant. Hank had snacks from the berry plant.

There was a spring. Hank drank from the spring.

Hank had an axe. Hank cut logs with the axe.

Hank crafted a cabin from the logs. He put the cabin by the berry plants.

Hank is happy in his cabin.

(Spache: 2.59)

Sid’s Rocket Plan

"I will sit with you on the rocket, and we will travel to a sunny spot," said Sid.

"You cannot sit on a rocket. You sit in a rocket," said Ellen.

"Then we will sit in the rocket," said Sid.

"And you cannot travel as if it were a truck," said Ellen. "You travel up, up, up in a rocket."

"Yes," said Sid. "Then we will travel up. What else?"

"That is it," said Ellen.

"Splendid," said Sid. "Do you have a rocket?"

(Spache: 2.33)

Pam’s Reward

"I will not visit the dentist," said Pam.

She went in the attic and hid in a big sack. She sat and sat. Then she crept from the sack.

She left the attic. Her mom was there. Pam had not hidden well.

"There you are," said Mom. "We will visit the dentist, and then I will get you a doll."

Pam went, and the dentist was not bad. Mom did get her a doll.

Pam was happy!

(Spache: 2.41)

Milk Truck

The cat asks the dog, "Do you have milk?"

"I do not," yaps the dog. "But I can get milk!"

The dog and cat run to a truck. It is a milk truck. It is full of milk: gallons and gallons of milk, in stacks upon stacks of boxes.

The dog kicks a box. The box tilts. Splat! A gallon drops. Milk spills.

The cat laps up the milk. Yum!

(Spache: 2.40)

Mick and Miss Skunk

Miss Skunk is Mick's buddy. They have picnics in the grass.

Mick brings a big blanket. His mom packs muffins with jelly.

Miss Skunk licks the jelly off the muffins. Lick, lick, lick!

Mick's mom packs milk. They drink milk. Gulp!

Miss Skunk is glad to have a pal. Mick is the best buddy for a skunk. Mick can't smell!

(Spache: 2.54)

Silly Pip!

What is in Granddad's pocket? He puts his hand in the pocket. A puppet pops up.

This is Pip! Pip and Granddad do a skit.

Pip is silly. He cannot sing well, but he sings songs. Pip's singing gets extra bad.

"Stop with the songs," says Granddad.

Granddad puts Pip back in his pocket. But Pip keeps on singing from the pocket.

Silly Pip!

(Spache: 2.39)

Ron’s Model Truck

Ron had a wax model of a truck. The truck was fun. But then Ron lost it.

Ron had left it on the deck. The sun was hot. The wax got soft. It melted!

Ron's wax truck was a wax lump.

Ron had a plan. He held the lump. Press! Pull! Twist! He crafted a model hotrod.

He will not put it in the sun.

(Spache: 2.37)

Hippo Hut

Zack is living in a grass hut. The hut is on a hill. There is a cliff along the back. Zack sits on the cliff.

A hippo passes by. A hippo? Zack is glad. A hut that lacks hippos is a dull hut!

Zack sings to the hippo. The hippo stops. She zigzags up the hill.

She hums along with Zack's song. They hum and sing.

Zack grins.

(Spache: 2.15)

Drafty Attic

There is a draft in the attic. It brings in the smell of grass.

The draft can get hot if the sun is up. It smells of mint if it is hot.

The draft can be still, as well. The cobwebs in the attic are still if the draft is absent.

The cobwebs jump. Dust lifts up.

The draft is back. It smells of grass.

(Spache: 2.41)

Endless String

Danny spots a string in the grass. He picks it up. There is not an end. He pulls on the string. Still, the end is not there. He pulls and pulls.

There is a hat stuck to the string. Danny pulls until the hat is in his hands. What a splendid hat! Danny puts it on. Then he pulls the string.

A bag is stuck to the string. Danny pulls until the bag is in his hands. It is full of candy! Yum! Danny snacks on the candy. Then he pulls and pulls.

There is a penny stuck to the string. Danny pulls until the penny is in his hand. He puts it in his pocket. Still, there is not an end to that string. It must be endless! Danny pulls and pulls.

It gets difficult to pull. Danny pulls extra strong. There is the end. It's in the grip of a dragon! "Scram!" yells the dragon, and Danny runs.

(Spache: 2.20)

Fran’s Magic Blanket

What can Fran be with her big, red blanket? Fran can put it on her back. She is a hen. Flap! Flap! Fran flaps the red blanket.

A hen is dull. What else can Fran be? Fran puts the blanket in the closet. It is a hidden den. She is hidden in the red blanket. She can be a rabbit in a den.

The rabbit gets dull. What else can Fran be? Fran pulls the blanket on top of her. The ends hang there as if they are legs. Fran is a big, red daddy-long-legs. She is jumping along as a bug with slim legs. Jump! Jump!

The daddy-long-legs gets dull. What else can Fran do? Fran sits on the blanket. It is a sled. Fran bumps along a hill on the sled. Bump! Bump!

The sled gets dull. What else can Fran do? Fran puts the blanket on the grass. She jumps onto the blanket. She sits. She naps. She is just a kid on a big, red blanket.

Hens, rabbits, daddy-long-legs and sleds were not that dull, were they?

(Spache: 2.13)

Poppy's Doll

Poppy had a doll. She did stuff with the doll, but not Nick. "That doll stinks," said Nick. It did not stink, but Nick was angry. Can Nick get Poppy to do stuff with him?

Nick hid Poppy's doll. He put it in a basket, and put the basket in the attic.

Poppy was playing with a ball and jacks. She did not miss her doll. Poppy went swimming in the pond. She did not miss her doll. Poppy ran on the hill. She did not miss her doll.

Nick put a doll buggy by the hill. "A buggy," said Poppy. "I will get a doll!" But her doll was not there."I miss my doll!" said Poppy. She was upset.

It was funny to Nick. But Poppy was glum and sad. What a pity. Nick got the doll from the attic. "What a nasty trick," said Poppy.

Nick was sorry. "Can we hug?" he said.

(Spache: 2.23)

Bob's Stack

Bob is a slob. He puts stuff on top of stuff, in big, ugly stacks. The stacks get bigger as Bob adds stuff to the top.

Kit cannot stand the stacks. She thinks they will spill. "You can put this stuff in a box," said Kit. "It will be fun if I help you."

Bob did not think boxes were fun. "You are a nag," he said. "These stacks are the best!"

"You will be sorry," said Kit. She left Bob with his stacks.

Bob felt a penny in his pocket. He put that on the stack. It was sagging. Was the penny the problem? Bob got the penny back from the top of the stack. The stack tilted. It fell! A puff of dust drifted up from the stuff that was in the stack.

Kit was back. "We have a big job," said Kit.

Bob was happy for Kit's help. "Did you bring a box?" he said with a grin.

(Spache: 2.33)


Ben had the tent in his truck.

Ben had a pan in his pack.

He had candy in his kit.

Ben had milk for his mess.

Ben left for camp.

Ben did not have a map.

Ben got lost.

Ben felt angry.

He sat in his truck.

Ben had to think.

“I will call Sam,” Ben said.

“Sam can get his map. Sam will solve this problem.”

(Spache: 2.07)

A Camp Prank

Don has a buddy, Dan. They have a tent. The tent is by the sandbox. Don and Dan will camp by the sandbox.

Hank has a buddy, Gus. They have a tent as well. Hank and Gus have a tent by the pond. Hank and Gus will camp by the pond.

Hank and Gus have a plan. They have a prank. Hank and Gus will carry a bug to the tent of Don and Dan at dusk.

“I bet they will run,” said Hank.

“I think they will jump,” grinned Gus.

Dusk fell. Hank and Gus hid the bug in the tent. They hid near the sandbox. Don and Dan sat in the tent.

“A bug,” said Don.

“Grab him,” said Dan.

“Got him,” said Don.

They left the tent. Dan and Don fed the bug to their frog.

“That prank was a dud,” said Hank.

“Yes, it was a flop,” said Gus, “next plan?”

“I have plenty,” Hank grinned.

(Spache: 2.38)

Hank's Trip

Hank has an atlas.

Hank has a map.

Hank has a jacket.

Hank has a cap.

Hank is now rested.

Hank had his nap.

Hank has a rocket. It has a red tip.

Hank has to travel, himself, on this ship.

Hank will kiss Mom and then go on his trip.

Hank is in his rocket, he has a blast.

Hank will blastoff, for his trip now at last.

(Spache: 2.50)

A Picnic

Cass and Dan had a picnic.

Cass had a big basket. She had a banana, a pretzel, and a plum in the basket.

Dan had a wagon. He had a blanket and a drink in the wagon.

They had a picnic by the pond. They had fun.

The picnic lasted until the skunk stunk up the spot by the pond. Then they left.

(Spache 2.42)

A Cat Named Rick

Rick is a cat.

Rick is a rascal.

Rick is a pest.

Rick planted the kitten.

Rick bit the mitten.

Rick dusted the dog and now Rick is hidden.

Ken is the dog, the dog that Rick dusted.

Ken will see Rick and Rick will be busted.

Ken will get Rick, the hidden cat, yet.

He will get Rick, the rascal cat, wet.

Splat! Ken got Rick wet.

Now Rick is one wet pet.

(Spache: 2.28)

Frog in a Cup

Bess dips her cup in the well. What will Bess get? Gasp, a frog!

Bess has a cup, but Bess cannot drink. Her cup has a frog in it. Bess is not happy.

What will she do with this frog in her cup? Bess has a cup, but Bess cannot drink. The cup is not empty. The frog has the cup.

Bess taps the cup. The frog does not jump.

Bess tips the cup. The frog does not jump.

Bess is not happy. Bess runs to Mom.

The frog has the cup. The frog taps the cup. The cup sits. The frog tips the cup. The cup tips. The frog jumps to the well.

“Mom, a frog has my cup,” Bess said.

“I see no frog,” said Mom.

“Pick up the cup,” said Bess.

“No frog,” said Mom.

“I bet he went in the well,” said Mom, “I will get you a drink.”

“Yes!” Bess said.

(Spache 1.84)

Pop, Plop, Drip

Pop, pop, plop went the drip in the sink.

“I cannot stand that,” said Bill.

Pop, pop, plop.

“What can I do?”

Pop, pop, plop.

“Ann can fix it,” said Bill. “Ann will you fix my sink?”

“Yes. What is the problem?”

“Pop, pop, plop,” said Bill.

“I can fix it,” said Ann.

Ann will fix the sink for Bill.

(Spache: 2.26)

Film Fun

"Dad, can we get a film?" said Fran and Frank.

"Yes," said Dad, "what film will you get?"

"One with a big, red dog," said Fran.

"No sis, one with a soft, wet frog," said Frank.

"Not a problem for me," said Dad.

"One with a pet pig who lost his pen," said Frank.

"No Frank, one with a hip hippo and his hotrod," said Fran.

"Not a problem for me," said Dad.

"A fat rat, a full bull, and a hungry hog," said Fran with a wink.

"Or a tall rat swimming in a pond on the sun," said Frank with a grin.

"Not a problem for me," said Dad.

"What? You will get a film with all that?" said Fran and Frank.

"No," said Dad, "I said it is not a problem for me."

"Who is it a problem for then?" said Frank and Fran.

"Mom," Dad grinned.

(Spache: 2.41)


“Mom, what is that stuff in the attic?” Ann said.

“Stuff, what stuff?” said Mom.

“I saw a bag, a ball and a bat.”

Mom grinned. “That stuff. Well, the bat, the bag, and the ball I hid fromgot as a gift for Dad. ”

“Dad, can we play ball?” said Ann.

“I do not have a bat or ball,” said Dad.

Ann grinned, “In the attic, you do.”

(Spache: 2.00)


Who can you ask for a hug?

You cannot ask a napkin. You cannot ask a lump.

You cannot ask a muffin, and you cannot ask a bump.

You cannot ask a carrot. You cannot ask a log.

You can ask one if you want to, but I will not ask a frog.

You cannot ask an animal. You cannot ask a mug.

You cannot ask a dragon, and you cannot ask a bug.


…you can ask them if you want to, but it’s Mom that I must hug.

(Spache: 2.32)

Pond Fun

“Can we go to the pond?” said Ann.

“Yes,” said Dad, “Will you swim?”

“Yes,” said Ann.

“Will you jump from the swing?” said Dad.

“Yes,” said Ann.

“Do I have to get wet?” said Dad.

“No, Dad, you can rest.”

“Will we bring a blanket?” said Dad.

“Yes,” said Ann, “then you can rest in the sun and get a suntan.”

“I will get the sunblock,” said Dad, “then we can go.”

(Spache: 1.85)


What will we do in a sandbox?

Jack will have an experiment with mud.

Jill will dig a tunnel for a bus.

You will dump sand with your truck.

Zack will put up a pen for a rabbit with a carrot and grass.

Fran will fill a red cup with sand.

We will have fun in the sandbox.

(Spache: 2.47)

Festival Fun

If we have a festival, what will we do? Well, we will have fun.

If we have a festival, what will we have? Well, we will have a tent, a flag, a band, and a contest.

Will we have a contest at the festival? Yes.

What contest? We will have a contest to get the pig.

Get the pig? Yes, it will be fun.

A festival is fun!

(Spache: 1.95)

Get a Tent

“Mom, can we sell stuff to get a tent?” said Ben.

“What stuff?” said Mom.

“I will fill the wagon and sis can fill the basket,” said Ben.

“But what stuff? With what will you fill the wagon and sis fill the basket?” Mom said.

“Well, sis will trap a sunset, and I will kidnap a kiss. What do you think? Will we sell that stuff?” said Ben.

“If sis traps a sunset, and you kidnap a kiss, I will get you a tent,” said Mom.

(Spache: 2.50)

In a Box

“What is in the box?” said Jen.

“What do you think is in the box, Jen?” said Mom.

“I think a fox is in the box.” said Jen.

“No,” Mom said, “it is not a fox in the box Jen. The object in the box is not living.”

“Not living, it is not a plant or animal then. But you said an object. Then it is not empty.”

“No, it is not empty. Bring me the box,” said Mom.

“It is not a big box. It is ringing,” said Jen.

“Is it ringing? What is ringing, Jen?” said Mom.

“Is it a bell in the box?” said Jen

“Yes!” said Mom.

(Spache: 2.50)

Milk Spill

Splat, splat, splat drips the milk.

Sis has a problem. Sis went to get a drink. She did not want help. Sis did not ask for help.

Splat, splat, splat, drips the milk.

Sis has a spill.

Splat, splat, splat drips the milk.

Sis sits.

Splat, splat, splat drips the milk.

Sis thinks.

Splat, splat, splat drips the milk.

What can help this problem?


(Spache: 1.75)

Bill's Contest

Ding-dong, Bill hit the bell. Ding-dong

Jim, Jill, Ken and Kim all ran to him. Bill grinned. He was in command. He was the boss. He had the last win, now he had the plan.

“This is what you have to do to win my contest,” Bill said. “You must hop to the bus stop.”

“Is that all?” said Jim.

“No,” grinned Bill, “At the bus stop you must collect a card. Ask an adult. Don’t dig in the junk.”

“Is that all,” said Jill.

“No,” Bill said with a wink, “then you must run back here.”

“Is that all?” said Kim.

“No,” said Bill happy with his plan. “When you get back you must sing the silly song.”

“Is that all?” they all said.

“Yes that is all. Go!” said Bill.

It was fun to plan a contest. Bill was the last to win so he got to plan this.

(Spache: 2.45)

A Fun Picnic

Dad and Ellen have a basket.

Ellen and Dad have a blanket.

They will have a picnic.

“I am hungry,” said Ellen. “Can I have a berry?”

“Yes,” said Dad.

“I am still hungry,” said Ellen. “Can I have a banana?”

“Yes,” said Dad.

“Are you still hungry?” said Dad.

“No,” said Ellen. “Is the basket empty?”

“Yes,” said Dad, “and we have no mess. That is a fun picnic!”

(Spache: 1.98)

A Cat’s Cake

A cat and a rat are in the same place. The rat is fat. But not as fat as the cat!

The rat is hidden. He is hungry, as well.

Is the cat tame? The cat licks his plate.

The rat is hungry. He steps up to the plate.

The cat sniffs the rat. "Have this cake," the cat tells him.

(Spache: 2.18)

Cats Rip Drapes!

"Are the drapes safe from the cat? Cats rip drapes," said Fran.

They were the best drapes she had. They were red, with lace on the ends.

Zack said, "The drapes are safe. The cat is tame."

Fran trusted Zack. They had a date. She went to the lake with him.

The cat did not rip the drapes. But it bit the shade!

(Spache: 2.60)

Rat’s Candy Plan

The wise rat had a plan. He was hungry. He got the big dog.

The rat said, "What do you think of candy?"

"Yum," said the big dog. "It's fine!"

The rat said, "There is a box of candy by the bed!"

The dog went to the box. He got the lid off.

There was the candy. The dog ran off with a bit of candy.

With the lid off, the rat can get to the rest of the pile!

(Spache: 2.10)

Five Red Fox Kits

Five red fox kits sat in the den.

"We will have a contest," said the big one. "Run as fast as you can. Run and hide."

The fox kits ran. They ran up the side of a hill. They hid by a wide log. The big fox kit grinned.

He was by himself. The den was a fine spot for one fox kit to rest!

(Spache: 2.15)

Fast Vine

There is a pile of cut grass. Bob puts his hand on it.

The grass pile is odd. There is a lump in it.

Bob yells, "I think it is alive!"

A vine rises up from the grass. It gets big fast.

Bob grabs the vine. The vine zips up and up!

Bob is on a fun ride. He grins. What a fine time for Bob!

(Spach: 2.39)

Ron’s Log

Camp was dull. Ron went by the pond.

There was a log. There was a rope.

Ron said, "What can I do with that?"

Ron put the rope on the log. He sat on the log. He rode it as if it was a colt!

He hung on to the rope and rode, and rode. The sun set.

Ron was alone.

There was smoke. He ran back to camp.

The grill was on! Ron was glad.

Dad said, "I hope you are hungry!"

(Spache: 2.19)

Jen's Cast

There is a cast on Jen's leg.

Gus pokes it. He asks, "What is that?"

Jen tells him, "It is a cast. I broke my leg."

Gus asks her, "You broke it? It is still one big leg, not bits of leg."

Jen yells, "Do not be a dope. I broke the bone in the leg. It will mend in the cast."

(Spache: 2.26)

A Hole in Jill's Robe

Jill had her robe on. It hit a snag. The snag made a hole.

Jill said, “Rats! I tore the robe."

It was her best robe. It was red. It fit well. It was fine, wide and soft.

Jill hid the hole. She put lace on it.

Jill wore the robe.

"I like the lace," she said. "It is extra fine!"

(Spache 2.44)

Bess Runs Late

Bess ran. She had a date.

She said, "I am late! I hate to be late!"

She ran from her home. She ran up the hill. She ran and ran. It made her legs sore.

Bess got to the lake. She was alone.

Bess dove in. She swam. She came up, and there were her pals.

They said, "Are we late?"

(Spache: 2.15)

Best Pet

Hank's class held a contest. It was for best pet.

There were dogs. There were cats. They were fine animals.

But Hank just had an ugly mule.

Hank said, "I will win this contest."

He put a rose in the mule's mane. He made a fine red cape for it.

The kids grinned as the mule came to the contest.

The mule got lots of votes.

(Spache: 2.59)

Clark’s Tune

Clark plays a flute. He makes up a tune. The tune is fine.

It drifts far. Is the tune loud?

It lures Clark's granddad from his room.

Granddad holds his drum! Granddad drums along.

Clark and Granddad carry the tune.

Granddad says, "You woke us up. But I do not care. I like to drum!"

They play on and on, and never a sour note!

(Spache: 2.33)

Fitch Finds a Crate

Fitch dove in the lake. He swam deep.

The lake was cold in the deep spots!

Fitch found an old crate. He got hold of the crate. He swam with it.

Up he swam. Fitch came up with a gasp.

He put the crate on the sand. The lid was stuck shut.

Fitch hit the lid with a pole. The lid broke.

There was a pile of old coins in the crate!

(Spache: 2.45)

Hare’s Pine Tree

The hare sat under the pine tree. He saw more animals as they went by. They did not see him.

He sat all day, safe under his pine tree. Then the mouse saw him!

The mouse made a face.

The hare got a pinecone. He gave it a toss.

It went wide. It did not hit the mouse.

It hit the ground!

The mouse grinned.

(Spache: 2.13)

Bald Bob

Kirk likes Joan. Bob likes Joan, as well. They like the same girl.

Kirk thinks Joan likes Bob more. He makes up a plan.

Kirk will get Bob to make himself ugly.

Kirk dares Bob to shave himself until there is nothing left.

Bob is game. He shaves himself bald.

Kirk calls Joan over.

Joan says, "Bob! You are cute when you are bald!"

(Spache: 2.12)

Big Curtis

Curtis was one big dude. He ate as much food as nine children.

His pants were extra large. He was tall as well as wide.

The kids on the bus were afraid of Curtis.

He was never rude or mean. He was just big.

They did not wish to make him angry.

Curtis found a way to make the kids his pals. He told them lots of jokes!

(Spache: 2.55)