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Identification of Short Vowels

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Game
Grade: 1
Group Size: Individual, Small Group
Length: 15 minutes
Materials: Playing card size letter cards
Goal: Given pictures, the student will identify those whose corresponding words have a short /e/ in the medial position.
Items: Short /e/ words

What to do

  1. Review the short /e/ sound. Brainstorm short /e/ words with your student or students.
  2. Flip through a stack of vowel cards. See if the student or students can identify which vowel makes a short /e/.
  3. Sort the picture cards into two piles. Divide a piece of paper into two sections, "Yes" and "No." Have your student or students place the short /e/ pictures in the "Yes" section and the words that do not have the short /e/ sound in the "No" section.
  4. If you notice any students having trouble, you may wish to record your observations in an Activity Log.

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