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Identifying and Generating Rhyming Words, Body Part Game

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Activity Type: Introduce
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K
Group Size: Small Group, Whole Class
Length: 5 minutes
  • Given a spoken word, the student can say whether it rhymes with another word ( "head, bed" -> "yes", "head, door" -> "no" ).
  • Given a spoken word, the student can say another word that rhymes with it ( "eye" -> "my" ).
  • Words that rhyme with head: (1-syllable) bed, bread, dead, fed, fred, red, said, shed, sled, spread, ted, thread, tread, (2-syllable) ahead, instead
  • Words that rhyme with toe: (1-syllable) blow, bow, crow, dough, glow, go, grow, hoe, joe, know, low, no, oh, row, slow, snow, so, though, throw, tow, whoa, (2-syllable) ago, below, hello, outgrow

What to do

  1. Would you like to play the Body Rhyme Game? Here's how we play. I'll pick a part of my body...let's see...maybe head. Point to your head. Now I'm going to say some words, and you have to tell me if the word I say rhymes with head. A rhyme is a word that sounds like another word. So if I said red, does that rhyme with head? Students: yes! Right!
  2. Okay, does bed rhyme with head? Students: yes. Good. Does cat rhyme with head? Students: no. Correct. Said...Ted...Door... Continue with a random selection of rhymes and non-rhymes. Note that you should stop repeating the target word (head in this case) after a few examples so that students have to test the rhyme silently for themselves. Proceed from 1-syllable words to 2-syllable words. See the list above for words that rhyme with head.
  3. Great! Now I'm going to pick a different part of my toe. Point to your toe. Let's see...does snow rhyme with toe? Students:yes. Does desk rhyme with toe? Students: no. Correct. Go...blow...shirt?
  4. Now go around the group giving students an individual turn with either a rhyming or non-rhyming word. Spend extra time with students who are not getting it. See the list above for words that rhyme with toe.
  5. Good. Now let's try...eye. Hey, I have a good idea: maybe you can think of a word that rhymes with eye. Start with a student who is likely to get it right and continue around the class. If students run out of ideas, think of a rhyme and give them a clue--e.g., When I go outside and look up, I see the... Then change the body part; feet, knee, and hand each have several rhyming words.
  6. If a student comes up with a non-word that rhymes, such as nie, say: Good. Nie rhymes with eye. But is nie a real word? I think it's a made up word. Can you think of a real word that rhymes with eye?
  7. Continue until everyone is able to produce a rhyming word.

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