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Initial Sound Accuracy, Same Sound!

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K, 1
Group Size: Individual
Length: 15 minutes
Materials: Picture cards, (print them here)
Goal: Given a letter, the student can say a word that begins with the letter ("c" -> "cat")
Items: All letter sounds learned so far

What to do

  1. Before introducing the game, use the picture cards to make a set of cards that contain pictures of 4 to 8 different beginning sounds. Make sure to have at least four different pictures for each sound. If possible, glue pictures to index cards or heavy cardstock and laminate.
  2. Today I am going to teach you how to play a game called Same Sound. This is a game for two people to play. Each person will get a deck of cards. The cards must be face down. Remember, you can’t look at your cards!
  3. When the game begins, both players should put down a card, face up, at the same time. Then, they have to look at both pictures and decide what the first sound is. If both pictures have the same beginning sound, then yell out “Same Sound!” The first person to yell out “Same Sound!” gets to keep the cards. Remember to put those cards in a separate pile. Don’t put them back into your deck. If a player yells out “Same Sound,” but the pictures do not have the same first sound, then the other player gets to take the cards.
  4. If both players yell out “Same Sound!” at the exact same time, it is a tie. Both players can keep their own cards.
  5. The first person to get all of the cards is the winner. If you run out of time, the person who has the most cards when time is up is the winner.
  6. Does anybody want to show us how to play? Call on two students with their hands raised to come in front of the class and play the game. Talk them through the rules to reinforce the procedure to the class.
  7. Observe pairs of students play the game. For students who struggle, give them help and make a note in an Activity Log.

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