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Introducing Compound Words

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Activity Type: Introduce
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: K
Group Size: Whole Class
Length: 15 minutes
Materials: chart paper or chalkboard, color-coded index cards with pictures (see below), tape, crayons or markers
Goal: Given parts of compound words, students will be able to combine them correctly.
Items: Introductory compound words

What to do

  1. For each compound word write words on two index cards, one for each part of the compound word. Parts belonging to the same word should be written in the same color. You may also wish to glue a picture appropriate to the compound word on each card. You should aim to have as many index cards as their are students; if the class has an odd number of students, you can make a card for yourself to make things even.
  2. Explain what makes a compound word. A compound word is a word that combines two other words.
  3. Using chart paper or the chalkboard, list compound words. Now I am going to give each of you one part of one of these compound words. Your job is to find the other part!
  4. After making sure that the cards have been mixed up, distribute them so that each child has one. Go!
  5. Once every student has found a partner, have everyone sit in pairs. Have each pair stand and say their compound word together. Then have the partners glue their index cards together; you can then tape the results on the chalkboard or chart paper.
  6. A Fun Variation: The next day, prepare index cards for the same compound words onto index cards, but this time instruct the students to find a silly compound word partner, like boxdog or raincake. Have students read their silly compound word and tape it to the chalkboard or chart paper. Give each partner a large sheet of drawing paper and have them illustrate their silly compound word.

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