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Letter writing accuracy, Write it Big, Write it Small

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: K
Group Size: Small Group
Length: 10 minutes
Materials: Chalkboard, chalk
Goal: Given an oral letter, the student can write the letter with accuracy.
Items: All letters learned so far.

What to do

  1. Before beginning the activity, assign students to work in pairs. Make sure that each pair has space at the blackboard and a piece of chalk.
  2. Today, we are going to practice writing our letters. You and your partner will take turns at the blackboard.
  3. Your partner will tell you a letter. They will also tell you to write your letter either in capital or in lowercase. You will write the letter on the blackboard twice. One time, you will write it as big as you can. The next time, you will write it as small as you can. Do you think you can do that?
  4. So, let’s say I am partners with Madeline. I will tell her a letter, the letter “g”, and that I want her to write it in lowercase. She will write a lowercase “g” on the board as large as she can, and then as tiny as she can.
  5. Then, we will switch. She will give me a letter and I will write on the board. We will each take five turns.
  6. Make sure you choose a letter only once. If I give Madeline the letter “r” to write, she cannot give me that same letter.
  7. Are there any questions? Answer questions, clarifying the rules of the activity.
  8. Observe students. For students who struggle, offer help and make a note in an Activity Log.

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