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Oral Blending, Riddle Game

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K
Group Size: Small Group, Whole Class
Length: 5 minutes
Materials: -
Goal: Given multiple letter sounds, the student can blend them into a word ( /a/ + /b/ + /c/ -> "abc" ).
Items: mouse, fish, and other animals

What to do

  1. I'm thinking of a small animal that likes to eat cheese and is a mmm-owww-sss. What is it? That's right! Mouse. Mmm-owww-sss, mouse.
  2. Let's try another riddle. I'm thinking of an animal that lives under water and is a fff-iii-shhh. What is it?
  3. To the student who guesses the answer first say, That's right! Fish. Fff-iii-shhh, fish. Since you got it first, you get to choose the next riddle. First, think of an animal. Now give us a clue, but don't tell us what animal you're thinking say the animal, but very slowly, like I did. You may have to help the student segment; just give them the first sound and see if they can do the rest. If not, segment for them.
  4. If students find this too hard, you can start with onset and rime instead of segmenting the whole word, so mmm-ouse, fff-ish, etc.
  5. Look for students who aren't taking part and give them the first chance to guess the answer to a riddle you make up, and then to create one of their own, perhaps with your help.
  6. End by saying: You did really well. Did you like that game? We'll play it again tomorrow, but instead of animals we'll use food that you like to eat. Try to think of a riddle later so you can tell it to us tomorrow.

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