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Activity Type: Introduce
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: K, 1 (can be adapted for older students)
Group Size: Small Group
Length: 5-8 minutes
Materials: A Fun Day
Goal: Students can demonstrate awareness of reading words not only from left to right but page by page.
Items: A Fun Day

What to do

  1. Open A Fun Day to page 1. Point to the corresponding places on the page as you ask the following questions to review the previous lesson. Where do we begin reading a page? (At the top) Can someone show us how we read words on a page? Use your finger to show us. Give several students an opportunity to show reading from left to right. Now, what happens when I come to the end of the sentence on this page? (You should turn to the next page.)
  2. When we come to the end of the words on a page, we turn to the next page. Model for students what we do when we come to the end of the words on the page by rereading the words on the page and tracking from left to right. I have finished reading the words on the page, but the book is not finished. I need to turn the page to continue. Turn the page gently and then begin reading the words on the next page.
  3. Continue this process with one more page. Then begin asking students to volunteer to model reading, by tracking from left to right and turning the page gently.
  4. For each page, call up a new student to model this process until the end of the book. Once the book is finished, check for understanding. When we get to the end of the words on the page, what do we do? (We turn to the next page.) Which way do I read the print? Call on a student to either model with their finger sweeping in a left-to-right motion or model that same motion with the book.
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