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Phoneme Manipulation, Picture Hunt

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K, 1
Group Size: Whole Class
Length: 5 minutes
Materials: A favorite trade book
Goal: Given a regular word without the initial sound, the student can add in the first sound ( "og" -> "dog").
Items: All regular words learned so far

What to do

  1. Before introducing the game, select a favorite trade book that your class knows well. If possible, use a big book, such as Miss Nelson is Missing or Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Display a page with a picture in front of the class
  2. Today we are going to do a picture hunt. I am going to say the name of an object in this picture. You must come up and show me where the object is in the picture.
  3. There is one trick to this game. When I say the name of the object, I am not going to say the first sound of the word. You have to figure that out! Raise your hand if you think you can do that?
  4. Okay, ready? I see an “og” in this picture. Who knows what I am looking at? Call on a student who has his hand up to come point to the picture. Make sure the student points to the correct picture. Very good. What did you point to? What picture was I talking about? What is the missing sound in that word? Excellent!
  5. Continue with other objects in the picture. Use more than one page in the story if necessary.
  6. If students are progressing well at this game, give them a chance to come to the front of the room and choose an object to hunt for.
  7. Observe students play the game. For students who struggle, give them help and make a note in an Activity Log.

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