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Sand Tiles

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: K, 1
Group Size: Individual
Length: 10 minutes
Materials: Velcro-backed letter tiles, a bucket full of sand, a velcro pad
Goal: Given a CVC pattern, the child can blend sounds with facility.
Items: CVC letter combinations

What to do

  1. Bury the velcro-backed letter tiles in the bucket. You may wish to indicate three positions (corresponding to the CVC pattern) on the velcro pad.
  2. Because this activity has the potential to get messy, you may wish to spread out newspaper in the area where it is going to take place. You may also wish to use plastic or wooden letter blocks or non-velcro letter tiles for easier cleanup.
  3. Have the student pull out a tile. If the letter is a consonant, have the student place it in the first or third position on the velcro pad; if the letter is a vowel, have them place it in the second.
  4. When the board is filled, have the child blend the letter sounds one letter combination at a time.

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