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Sounds in a cup

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Peer
Grade: K
Group Size: Individual, Pair
Length: 5 minutes
Materials: Clear containers, letter stickers, small objects whose names begin with the letters you want to cover
Goal: Given an object, the student can name the object and identify the first letter of its name.
Items: Initial letters sounds in words

What to do

  1. Make a letter cup by applying a letter sticker to the outside of the cup. Fill the cup with objects whose names begin with the letter. Choose two letters to cover in the activity and have your children form groups.
  2. Pour out the objects in both cups into a pile. Oh no! I had these things organized but now they're all mixed up! Can you help me? I need all the things that begin with c to go in the cup with the letter C on it, and I need all the things that begin with b to go in the B cup.
  3. Have one student pick an object and put it in its appropriate container. Before doing this, he or she should say the name of the object out loud to the other children in the group.
  4. Students who are unsure can ask others in the group for help; alternatively, the group can decide collectively into which cup the object goes.
  5. When an object has been placed, another student in the group chooses an object. This happens until all objects have been sorted.
  6. Guide students as necessary and note any students who seem to have difficulties in an Activity Log.

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