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Word-Form Recognition Accuracy, Giant Typewriter

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Game
Grade: K, 1, 2, 3
Group Size: Small Group
Length: 12 minutes
Materials: Each letter of the alphabet written/typed large on a piece of 8x11 white paper, one marker to write the words, 26 pieces of white paper for the letters
Goal: Given a written regular word, the student can recognize and spell the word with automaticity ( abc -> "a” “b” “c" )
Items: any set of word-recognition words learned so far that do not have double letters (for example: word post-its: back, bat, blond, bag, body, brick, black, bus, can, cat, cut, dig, clap, duck, drum, hot, flag, fist, frog, fan, hand, jump, sand, snack, sat, rag, rat, mat, run, rag)

What to do

  1. Place letters in alphabetical order in two or three rows. You can also choose to set it up like a giant typewriter if your students are familiar with the keyboard.
  2. Have students sit on the rug near the “typewriter.”
  3. Today, we are going to play a game called “Giant Typewriter.” In this game, you will be given a word and you will come up to the “typewriter" and pick up the letters that spell that word. Then, you are going to put those letters in the correct order in front of the giant “typewriter” and point to each letter. Each time you put down a letter, you will get a “thumbs up” signal if it is correct and a “thumbs to the side” signal if you need to change it. When you point to the letter, you will say the letter sound and then say the word. I’m going to show you.
  4. Model using the word “cat.” Say the word "cat", go up to the typewriter and pull out the letters "c", "a", and "t". Then say each letter and then the word.
  5. Now, we will all play. I will call on you each one by one to come up to the “giant typewriter” and type out your word.
  6. Let each student play on the giant typewriter.
  7. Good work, students! You have done a great job typing out your words.
  8. Observe students play the game. For students who struggle, give them help and make a note in an Activity Log.

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