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Irregular word accuracy, Class Challenge

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Activity Type: Build Accuracy
Activity Form: Standard
Grade: K, 1, 2
Group Size: Large Group, Whole Class
Length: 12 minutes
Materials: Irregular word cards
Goal: Given a printed irregular word, the student can say its sound with automaticity (irregword -> “irregword”).
Items: All irregular words learned so far

What to do

  1. Before beginning this activity, print out the irregular word cards and attach them to card stock. You may want to laminate them so they can be used for more than one activity. You may wish to decide on an appropriate reward if students complete the challenge (i.e., an additional chapter for one day in a class read-aloud, a few extra minutes of free time, etc.). If not, emphasize to students the feelings of accomplishment and pride they should feel when they complete a challenge.
  2. Today, I have a challenge for you. In order to win the challenge, every person must read a word correctly. You will not be timed, so you can think carefully before you read the word, but, please don’t take too long.
  3. When it is your turn, I will show you a card and you will read the word. Everyone except for the person whose turn it is must stay completely silent. You can try to read the word in your head but do not say it out loud unless it is your turn.
  4. If you get a word that you cannot read, you may ask for a different word, but you can only ask one time. You will have to do your best to read that word.
  5. If everyone reads a word correctly, the whole class/group wins!
  6. You may choose to let students know about the challenge the day before so they can practice their words at home in preparation. Additionally, you may want to allow students the opportunity to complete the challenge on another day if they are unsuccessful on the first attempt.
  7. You may choose to make the activity more challenging either by only allowing a certain number of people to ask for a second word or by not allowing it at all.
  8. Are there any questions? Answer questions, clarifying the rules of the challenge.
  9. Observe students. For students who struggle, make a note in an Activity Log.

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